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Clients contact us at the difficult times in their lives because they know that we will listen to them about what they need and want. They get answers which they understand. They get sound advice and creative solutions. Ultimately, they get peace of mind.

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We do more than protect your assets and save taxes.  We protect your family.  We make sure your estate plan reflects your values and unique situation. We protect you and your family from claims of creditors, divorce and loss at the hands of predators. That's why Milwaukee Magazine listed Bill Swendson in the top 6% of estate planners in the Milwaukee area for 2010.
The best estate plan includes a business plan.  They go hand-in-hand.  You can reduce taxes on the transfer of wealth and enhance asset protection.
When real estate transactions go bad, resolving them is costly, time-consuming and stressful. It is best to obtain legal representation before you decide to sell, purchase, exchange or develop real estate. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities. You need to have someone who represents your interests and is not motivated by their commission or other outside pressures. 
Mindful of the stresses and emotions of divorce, we are available when you need us.  We promise to listen to you, give you clear explanations, and protect you and your family. We will help guide you through divorce as you move forward to a more fulfilling life.