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Bill Swendson started our firm in 1982.  He left a successful law partnership because of a strong desire to re-think the way law was traditionally practiced.  Too often, law practices were organized and run to meet the needs of the lawyers.  Bill wanted to employ the latest technology and organize his firm to focus on the needs of clients.  Sharing the same interest in a client-focused practice, Joe Hentz joined the firm in 2014.



We understand that clients often have anxiety and fear in consulting an attorney.  Frequently, they are seeing us at the most difficult times in their lives.

Our only job is to help you.  We promise to listen to you carefully.  You know your unique circumstances best.  We will give you clear answers to your questions.  You will have easy access to your attorney and our support staff.  We will help you identify and clarify problems.  We will work with you, developing creative solutions.

We are your support team.  You are the ultimate decision-maker and your decisions will be respected.  Our team will always treat you with courtesy.  When all is over and done, we want you to tell your family and friends that we are your attorneys.